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Danny Rongo

Quotation MarkI found Joshua to be a 'great listener'. He let me do most of the talking as he truly wanted to hear what I was about and what I wanted to be conveyed on my website. Through his creativity and artistic ways (yes folks, he's an artist too!) his ideas BLEW ME AWAY....

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Custom Web Design In 6 Easy Steps

  1. Our Business Objective is to understand and know your business objectives, and to provide your business with an effective website.
  2. Once we have an understanding of your business and objectives, we document the project scope and develop a project plan with an estimated cost.
  3. After the project scope, plan, and cost are approved, our web design firm will develop a functional specification. This document will outline the details of your website, a final project schedule, and fixed price for the development and launch of your website.
  4. Based on the Functional Specification, Our creative web design staff will design your company's website template (layout, color scheme, etc.) and present it to your organization for final approval.
  5. At this juncture, our web development staff will develop your website, satisfying the functional specifications and your business objectives. Once completed, the website will be completely tested to insure that all of the requirements are satisfied. Then, Dragon Tree Studio will provide access to your new website for your final approval prior to launch.
  6. Upon final approval, Dragon Tree Studio will launch your new business savvy website. We also provide a number of options to support and maintain your website.